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ISO 9001

The ISO 9001 quality management system can be imagined as the companys ability to provide services in sustainable and controlled quality and in accordance with requirements of applicable laws, quality standards and customers. The ISO 9001 ensures the ability of the company to evaluate risks associated with providing of services and based on experience reduce the risks to the lowest possible level which leads to smooth running of the company and to continuous improvement.

GDP EN 2013/C 343/01

Specifically for our company it is Good Distribution Practice (GDP) of Pharmaceuticals and Medicinal products. In short It is a European Directive containing a set of rules of the World Health Organization (WHO), which define the ways in which pharmaceuticals and medicinal products may be handled from the process of production, storage transport and distribution.

These include compliance with temperature chains, hygiene, planned maintenance of transport units and refrigeration units, continuous calibration of measuring equipment, and as well storage of this data so that unique pharmaceutical goods can be clearly traced.


Security is essential to protect you and your customers. TAPA TSR is a safety standard.

This standard helps us identify security vulnerabilities and then find solutions to increase the level of security to the maximum available level.

These include precise route planning, safe parking, using of above-standard security features such as additional cargo space locks or hidden alarm buttons in the drivers cab. TAPA TSR also solves constant monitoring of the transport unit in the form of active alarms of opening of the cargo space door, cargo space temperature, or deviation from the planned route, all in real time.


Agreement on the international transport of temperature-sensitive goods intended for human consumption (especially food, but also medicines) and on special equipment to be used for such carrieage.

We use only transport units that are equipped with an isothermal superstructure with approved heat transfer and suitable refrigeration technology. All our vehicles are ATP-certified in order to achieve a suitable and stable environment for the transport of these temperature-sensitive commodities.

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